10 Ideas to Blend Marketing & Sales

Rohling Growth Advisors, 10 Ideas to Blend Marketing & Sales

One of the toughest challenges in business is to unite people with different skills and talents. This starts with showing the team how each unique skill can benefit their outcomes. When this happens mutual respect can start to develop. 

Here are a few ideas to foster growth team unity:

  1. Don't hold sales meetings, hold sales and marketing team sessions. 
  2. Push leads that are generated through marketing efforts directly to Reps. You will need the right growth system to do this.
  3. Set team goals.
  4. Develop a team knowledge base and playbook.
  5. Develop a growth plan, not a sales plan.
  6. Know your lead sources.
  7. Coach the team.
  8. Blend business science with human leadership skills.  HUMAN™ Sales Management.
  9. Celebrate together.
  10. Generate an automated feedback loop.

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