10 Uncommon Links Between Sales & Golf

Rohling Growth Advisors, 10 Uncommon Links Between Sales & Golf

With the 2022 Masters completed the golf season is officially here. Even if you are not a golfer you will enjoy these uncommon reasons that sales and golf are similar.

1. They are not individual sports

While it is true that in golf and sales you are on the course or in the field performing alone. But, do not forget the team that supports your effort.  Always remember that Marketing, HR, Operations, Management & Leadership are on the same team. Individual sports do not exist, the support is helping you to win.

2. Par equals quota

If you hit quota within a few percentage points you are playing really well, well done. How consistently can you do this?

3. Birdies are bonus territory

If you are exceeding quota by more than a couple of percentage points you are an overachiever and well on your way to shooting a below-par round. How consistently can you do this?

4. Bogeys are performance review territory

If you are below quota by more than a few percentage points it is time to discuss why. For Management, how can you help this person shoot pars and birdies consistently. It is your responsibility as a manager to help them or Coach them.

5. Practice makes possible

Golf and sales are tough. If you are not committed to a regular practice routine you will not score well. Sales is no different. Role-play multiple scenarios with team members, practice new verbiage on prospects, study your products and the work that they complete for prospects & customers.

6. Caddies = Management 

Your manager should be seen as a valuable resource to positively coach you on a daily basis. Caddies are true servant leaders and help their players to succeed. 

7.  Frustration

Both sales and golf can be very frustrating. It is O.K. to talk to someone if you start to feel overwhelmed.

8. Course/Call Management

In golf before a big match you study a course and play practice rounds to better understand places to leave shots. In sales having a plan for each meeting with a desired outcome is critical.

9. Pre-shot/call routine wins

Routine is important for consistency and concentration in both golf and sales. What do you do to prepare before each sales meeting? Do you prepare consistently? What is the work that you are helping to complete?

10. Love the Game

Passion and energy win on the golf course. Guess what, they also win in sales. If you meet with a prospect and customer with genuine passion and energy they are more likely to enjoy the conversation and ultimately buy from you.

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