3 Ideas To Make Your Sales Meeting A Growth Partnership

Rohling Growth Advisors, 3 Ideas To Make Your Sales Meeting A Growth Partnership

As we continue with the digital transformation that has been occurring for many years and recently accelerated by COVID it is more important than ever to think of business growth as a holistic endeavor.

Fundamentally, holding sales meetings is a positive thing to do on a regular basis as long as there is value for the team and the leader. However, just bringing the sales team into these meetings can be an incomplete look at your growth processes and needs moving forward. Hold growth meetings that include representatives from marketing, sales, and operations.

Think about including the following into your meeting outline:

  1. Listen to the sales team for key indicators from prospects and current clients.
  2. Review creative content from the marketing team to see how well it lines up with your brand promise and what the field team is hearing in the marketplace.
  3. Involve the operations team so that all can learn about potential pricing, manufacturing and/or logistical challenges.
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