3 Motivating Tips Outside of Compensation

Rohling Growth Advisors, 3 Motivating Tips Outside of Compensation

Costing, budgeting, reporting, planning, financial strategy, and more are critical to business success. Product costing, margin preservation, as well as growth team compensation can also help to motivate the growth team. However, do not mistake compensation alone as a motivating and aligning factor for your team. Here are 3 tips to help motivate your team outside of compensation:

1. Clarity to Goals

Make sure that each person on the team has a clear job description and clearly understands the impact that their role has on the organization. Few things are more motivating than understanding that you are part of something bigger than yourself.

2. Expectations

Within the job description or an exhibit to the job description, make sure that each person is crystal clear on what is expected of them. Develop goals together and check results against historic information.

3. Frequent Communication

Frequently talk with your team members in a genuine tone. Ask them about their families and hobbies in a genuine effort to take an interest in the whole person, not just their professional performance.

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