3 Tips for Remote Sales Management

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Remote work is here to stay. So how can you effectively help your sales team? Read these 3 tips:

1. Host more individual meetings:

Nobody wants more meetings unless they are designed to get to know someone more and build a mutually beneficial relationship. Hold weekly meetings with each individual on your team. Here is the twist, these are not performance review meetings. These meetings are check-ins to see how they are doing personally and professionally. Ask them questions like: How are you feeling? What can I help you with? Avoid reviewing performance in this meeting. Save performance reviews for once per month. Nothing drives result better than building a genuine mutually beneficial relationship.

2. Coaching and Training:

Hold video calls with experts in digital tools that can help the team to prospect and build new relationships. There are so many digital tools and techniques available today that it can be difficult for a Rep to know where to go. Supplementing traditional sales tactics with modern tools can give the team confidence and the know-how to succeed in modern prospecting and client retention.

3. Integrate Marketing and Sales Meeting

Modern business growth requires the integration of marketing and sales teams. Content and messaging are increasingly important, but so is developing trust and relationships quickly. Don't hold sales or marketing meetings, hold growth meetings so that marketing and sales can learn to respect and learn from each other.


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