4 Quick Tips for Modern Marketing

Rohling Growth Advisors, 4 Quick Tips for Modern Marketing

Here are 4 quick tips to keep in mind for your marketing efforts:

  1. Time
    Timing can be everything. It is hard to target people at the absolute perfect time but, basing messaging on past activity can help.
  2. Place
    Social, TV, Email, Radio, Print etc. Where do you start or maintain your efforts? In short, know your target personas and where they spend their time. Watching a specific program, on a certain social channel etc.
  3. Message
    What is the "work to done" by your solution. Create a messaging that resonates with the work to be done.
  4. Person
    Outline your buyers personas early in the process.

    Do not forget to involve your sales team in the process. Alignment between marketing and sales is more important that ever.
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