5 Responses To The Question, What Does Human Leadership Mean To You?

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One of my favorite questions to ask on The Growth Process Podcast is, What does human leadership mean to you? Every time I ask this question, I get a different response, which speaks to the diverse nature of leadership and business growth. Experience, position, background and more play a role in each perception of leadership and business growth. All responses have been excellent, here are five of my favorites and links to the episodes.

5. Human leadership is 3-4 key principles

  1. Vision
  2. High expectations. 
  3. Hold people accountable.
  4. Unlocking mindset, growing your people and helping them to achieve their goals.


4. Compassion is a strength.


3. The biggest skill needed in the new economy is empathy.


2. Work to build real relationships, not transactions.


1. Ego is the enemy of self-development.



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