5 Sales Coaching Skills for 2022

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The most positively impactful leadership skill in sales continues to be sales coaching. Here are five skills to help sales leaders and sales representatives succeed in 2022.

1. Beyond CRM

Helping your team to see the value of utilizing a good CRM system is important and also a challenge. In today's world, a CRM by its self is not enough to drive sales growth. A complete tech stack that you can identify prospects, engage and manage the process with is critical to success. Ask us how.

2. Build a Holistic Approach

Sales meetings are great, but they are no longer sufficient. Hold growth team meetings including sales, marketing, customer service, and operations. Growing a business is a team sport.

3. Engagement Triggers

Prospecting has changed forever. The good news is that it is more robust, fun, and engaging than ever. The challenge is that it requires a multi-discipline approach and team alignment. Prospects are more informed than ever, therefore, how and when you engage with them needs to be more precise and thoughtful.

4. Messaging

Work hand in hand with your sales and marketing team to develop appropriate messaging that applies at different points in the sales process.

5. Be Human and Allow Others to be Human

Be yourself and be vulnerable with your team. Building mutual trust is a key element in building team alignment. Make mistakes and learn from them. Also, encourage your teammates when they make mistakes and help them to keep moving forward. 

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