9 Elements of Modern Business Growth

Rohling Growth Advisors, 9 Elements of Modern Business Growth

Fundamentally the marketing and sales team are responsible for finding, developing, and nurturing customers. What happens when we include the other functions of the organization and their contributions to growth? He is a quick look at the holistic nature of modern business growth.

1.  Business Owner and/or Leader

As the Business Owner and/or Business Leader you are busy managing all aspects of your business. You know that the growth process is important but, sometimes find it hard to prioritize your time and resources. Let Rohling Growth Advisors help to future-proof your organization with sustainable growth processes.

2.  Sales Leader

You are the Sales Leader in your organization. Each day provides new challenges with process, team alignment, product needs, internal communication, and more. Let Rohling Growth Advisors be your ally in building sustainable growth.

3.  Marketing Leader

Modern marketing is complex and continues to evolve. Balancing tech, content, messaging, personas, and outreach strategy and tactics need to be reviewed frequently. Rohling Growth Advisors will help you to develop a marketing plan that identifies and turns prospects into customers.

4.  Human Resource Leader

Our people are our most valuable assets. Aligning job descriptions, clarity to goals, policies, benefits, compensation, and building a positive culture is critical to organizational success. Let Rohling Growth Advisors be your HR ally with HUMAN™ Sales Management coaching & implementation.

5.  Operations Leader

As the Operations Leader, you are responsible for fulfilling orders, logistics, team, and more. How often do you wonder what orders are coming through the pipeline and if you have inventory and resources to fulfill them? We will help to develop an accurate pipeline and reporting system so that you have visibility.

6.  Accounting & Finance Leader

Costing, budgeting, reporting, planning, financial strategy, and more are critical to business success. Product costing, margin preservation, as well, as growth team compensation can also help to motivate the growth team. Rohling Growth Advisors can help to develop a cost plan for sustained growth.

7.  Customer Service Leader

It takes time energy and resources to develop new customers. Your role is critical to keeping customers happy and providing an excellent experience. Rohling Growth Advisors can help you to turn customers into advocates.

8.  IT Leader

Building a solid tech stack is increasingly important for organizations of any size. CRM & Beyond, rewards, SMS, virtual meetings, and more are important to sustained business growth. Rohling Growth Advisors will help you to source and implement your growth tech stack.

9.  Social Media Leader

Social Media Management tends to live within marketing but it is increasingly a discipline of its own. Building followers on pertinent social channels, developing engaging content, and communicating engagement levels are critical to successful social media management. Rohling Growth Advisors will help you to develop and implement a successful social strategy.

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