9 Elements to Successful Chief Growth Officer Efforts

Rohling Growth Advisors: Outsourced Chief Growth Officer Services

1. Project Management: Modern growth requires the involvement of multiple disciplines, Rohling Growth Advisors will develop project plans, scope, timeline, costing, budgeting, and sourcing for your growth projects.

2. Team Alignment: Team alignment is critical for business growth. It is important to align marketing and sales but essential to look at other disciplines for insights and expertise. We help you leverage the team's talents for growth.

3. Sales Leadership: Rohling Growth Advisors will work with your sales management, leadership, and individual contributors to align organizational mission to daily execution. We will help you to develop clarity to goals and align the team.

4. Growth Strategy: Develop the profile for your client & prospects and develop strategy & tactics to enhance or start building the relationship. We will help you to build a winning strategy and execution.

5. Executive Leadership: Aligning organizational mission and vision is often a gap in execution. We will help you to create synergy with the team and executive leadership.

6. Marketing Leadership: Modern marketing is complex and requires creativity, content that resonates with your buyer, automation, persistence, and a united effort with the sales team. We will help you to develop a strategy that turns prospects into customers.

7. Talent Sourcing: Having team members that believe in and execute on the core values of the organization is critical. We will help you to find, onboard, and coach new growth team members.

8. Tech Stack: Modern growth requires a robust tech stack that is easy to use for the entire growth team. Think beyond CRM for systems that can help to create a great customer experience. We will help you to source, implement and train on your growth tech stack.

9. Customer Service Leadership: Customer Service can mean the difference between a one-time order and repeat business and referrals. We will help you to develop Customer Service processes and systems that turn customers into advocates.

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