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Typically, each week when I sit down to write this blog I reflect on my conversations throughout the week with business owners, sales managers, and sales professionals that resonate with our approach to Sales Management. Most of the time the topic chosen is directly linked to sales management strategy, tactics, or execution. This week's topic can only be answered by you either silently or out loud. 

Through my travels this week I came across this quote: 

"We must not be content only to see things as they are. We must have the vision, faith, and hope to see what things can and must become." - Sister Generose Gervais, Administrator of Saint Marys Hospital 1971-1986, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota

The entire quite embodies the concept of leadership in terms of combating complacency so that we can see a new result, believe that we can get there, convert our hopes into action, and achieve a new and improved reality.

Whether you are a business leader, sales manager or individual contributor here are a few questions that you can ask yourself centered on the concepts of contentment, vision, belief & converting hope into action.


  • Are you content with how your team is performing?
  • Are you content with your performance as a leader? Based on what?
  • Is your contentment happiness for the team's success or restlessness from the complacency associated with not trying new tactics?


  • Is your entire team rowing in the same direction? Towards the same goal?
  • How clear is the vision to each person on the team?


  • Does the team buy into the goals?
  • Do you believe that your team can reach the goal?
  • Does executive leadership believe that the team can hit the goals?

Converting Hope:

Hope is a fuel that can motivate us into action. Sometimes we call this "inspiration". 

  • Is your team inspired to help create a new reality by reaching their goals? Are you?
  • Are you energized to contribute towards the team's success each day?

If you or your team are not sure where you stand on any of these topics we need to have a conversation centered on Sales Leadership and tactical execution through H.U.M.A.N.™ Sales Management.

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