Avoid Type Casting in Sales & Marketing

Rohling Sales Growth Advisors

Typecasting is the process by which a particular actor becomes strongly identified with a specific character. Type casting also happens in sales. Your customers and prospects know you for a certain product or service offering. Yet, businesses need to innovate and develop new offerings to grow and thrive. Here are 3 Steps to Avoid Being Type Cast:

1. Communication & Feedback

Ask customers and prospects for their opinions on new offering concepts. Ask for feedback on how they see the proposed offering supporting their needs and your current offering.

2. Align with your Base Business

Analyze your revenue sources so that you have a strong understanding of your core business. Make sure that any new offerings support your current revenue sources. This might sound intuitive, but I have seen businesses pull away from their main business without knowing it.

3. Align Sales, Marketing & Operations

Don't innovate in a vacuum. Get insights and ideas from your team. Make business innovation ideas part of your recurring sales growth meetings. Hint: These meetings should include voices from sales, marketing and operations.

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