Build Genuine Kindness Into Your Sales Process

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First, let me say that I absolutely love the tech tools that are available to sales growth professionals today. The efficiency, creativity, and overall help that they can provide are awesome. However, the more I use these tools for my business and in helping clients, the more I realize that most sales processes are missing one key ingredient...Genuine Kindness. 

As I reflected on my past field sales success and what made my day-to-day efforts unique and profitable it boiled down to two things.

1. Relentless process development and working the process day in and day out. 

2. Genuine Kindness

Developing and working on a process daily will help put you in a position to meet more people...if your process achieves this it is doing its job. But, genuine kindness is what will ultimately generate more sales. Successful salespeople get to the point of trust quicker than their peers. How?

Stop focusing solely on "pain points" and focus on "points of kindness". Here are a few ideas to consider:

1. A phone call or message to simply say thank you based on a certain engagement point.

2. Build a reward system into your process at crucial points inline.

3. Let them know that you care about their success. 

If you would like to discuss ways in which you can extend sales increasing kindness to your prospects and customers, let's talk.

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