Celebrate The Yeses That You Earn In Your Sales Process.

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New sales can culminate from a series of yeses that occur when clients or prospects agree to a next step. Here are a few examples & leadership tips:

  • Yes, we can talk.
  • Yes, you can meet the team.
  • Yes, I will subscribe.
  • Yes, I will take the time for a demo.
  • Yes, you can keep in touch.
  • Yes, I will connect with you.
  • Yes, you can send me more information.
  • Yes, I will provide a testimonial of your product/service.
  • Yes, I will buy your product/service (the obvious big yes, remember it came from previous yeses).

These are all examples of positive steps forward in your sales process. As a business leader, sales manager, sales leader or, marketing manager, it is important to recognize these yeses as positive steps forward for individuals and teams.

Take time to recognize the good work that your team is doing to achieve these leading indicators. There is a lot of pressure to perform in business and sales, it is counter-productive to allow pressure to negatively influence leadership resulting in threats or passive-aggressive behavior. There is nothing more demotivating and counter-productive to positive progress. Instead, encourage the team to continue driving yeses and support them along the way. Early process yeses, may not be money in the bank, but they can be a great indicator of a healthy sales pipeline.

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