Combat Complacency for Sales Growth

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Complacency is a feeling of satisfaction with the level of success that you have achieved and that can be a good thing. The challenge is to become proactive with your sales growth operation and build systems and processes that prevent you from becoming reactive with ineffective activities that prevent you from achieving a higher level of success. Modern sales growth requires more alignment and diligence towards sales, marketing, and customer service than ever before.  Here are a few tips to help you and your team to combat complacency.

1. Monthly Process Reviews: Effective sales and marketing processes evolve from a scientific process that requires iterations. Keep yourself and your team on their toes with process and execution by questioning the effectiveness of each stage of your process. Also, solicit input from your current clients and prospects on how they like to be communicated with.

2. Messaging: Is your messaging stale? Measure your messaging effectiveness by also asking clients what your message means to them. Does it convey purpose, values and the work to be done with a solid benefit? Also, make sure that your sales and marketing teams are talking the same language.

3. Growth Meeting: The sales meeting is no longer an effective method of aligning the team and communicating expectations. Hold growth meetings instead that bring in team members from marketing, sales, customer service and maybe additional cross-functional disciplines.

4. Tech Stack: The tech that you use today may not be what you need for growth tomorrow. Evaluate the effectiveness and ROI of each piece of tech that you use. If you cannot measure its effectiveness or if it is not helping to yield the results that you need, explore new options.

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