Do You Have A Contact Management Strategy?

Contact Management Strategy

Solid contact management is the heart of your marketing and sales strategy.  Contact management represents the real people inside of your software who help you grow your business. Having a contact management strategy for your database helps you boost your business revenue and accelerate productivity.  Contact management is often the most overlooked piece of a growth strategy and yet in today's digital world, it is one of the most important elements to success.

Contact management can be defined as a strategy that utilizes a software system (we prefer HubSpot, ask us why) to store a contacts information.  Furthermore, contact management is the foundation for your marketing and sales efforts.

It starts with a clear definition of the individuals that you currently serve and those that you would like to serve (your target market).  Defining these "personas" will help you to layout and map your inbound marketing, sales, and sales management strategies.   Let's get started in defining personas, developing lists, and helpful content.

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