Focus and Sales Growth

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If you Google the definition of the word 'Focus' you get the following:


  1. the center of interest or activity.
  2. the state or quality of having or producing a clear visual definition.


  1. adapting to the prevailing level of light and becoming able to see clearly.

Leaders and Managers often use the word 'focus' as a pseudo form of motivation to magically help their teams suddenly see the light and begin producing results. In reality, the 'focus' needs to be provided by the leaders and managers so that the team can clearly see the end goal and decide how they are going to get there. If the senior team has not provided a clear focus on goals, then it is very difficult for the team to deliver results.

In short, stop asking your team to focus, instead communicate a clear path to goals.

Here are a few tactics to create clarity on goals, thereby increasing focus on sales goals:

  1. Market research: Conducting market research can help a company understand its target audience, identify new market opportunities, and develop effective marketing strategies.

  2. Product development: Offering new products or services can attract new customers and increase sales.

  3. Increase targeted marketing: Increasing marketing efforts, such as advertising and promotions, can help generate more leads and drive sales.

  4. Customer service: Improving customer service can help build customer loyalty and increase repeat business.

  5. Sales team coaching: Coaching the sales team to be more effective and efficient can help them close more deals and increase sales.

  6. Channel Expansion: Diversifying the channels through which the company sells its products such as online and offline channels, can increase customer reach and sales.

  7. Partnering: Building partnerships with other companies can help increase sales by expanding the company's customer base and reaching new markets.

  8. Pricing strategy: Reviewing and adjusting the pricing strategy can also increase sales.

  9. Measuring and analyzing performance: Measuring and analyzing sales performance can help identify areas for improvement and inform future sales growth strategies.

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