Grind, Grit & Technology

We have great tools at our disposal in todays world.  I am personally grateful for tools such as HubSpot, LinkedIn, various Social Media platforms, Google, Zoom and many, many other tools.  With that said, a grind and grit mentality is the still the best driving force forward.  I view grind as the actions that you carry out despite obstacles and grit is the mindset that allows the actions to be fulfilled or passion for reaching your goals.

Because the tools at our disposal are so good and continue to evolve, we need to be mindful of our daily actions and mindset to continue to drive top-line forward.   If you are a Leader or Manager, coach for the daily habits required while leveraging the technology tools of choice.    We know that change is normal, but the rate of change continues to accelerate.  Now more than ever we need to recruit, hire, and coach for grind & grit while leveraging our technology tools.

How do you coach for grind and grit?

In short, build process into your sales team.  Completing one step means that you can advance to the next.  Small wins will help to keep the team engaged, as well as build confidence in the system. The lines between inside sales, outside sales and marketing are getting closer each day.  This requires process to be built for more efficient execution.  It also presents opportunities to re-tool our teams to drive activity in the current environment.

A few steps are below to keep in mind while building a holistic sales process:

  1. Provide clarity to goals      

  2. Identify you pre-first appointment process

  3. Build your pre-sales playbook

  4. Build great content & manage social channels.

  5. Build your sales process First Appointment through Closed Won or Lost

  6. Build your post-closing process to delight your customers for re-orders and a testimonial. Schedule a Meeting

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