Growth is a Team Sport

Growth is a Team Sport

Traditionally we think of growth as an individual endeavor.  We assemble a sales team and send them out to find growth opportunities.  In our brave new world, growth is much more complex and team oriented than in previous years.  Traditional sales tactics are being replaced with modern strategy and tactics.  The new strategy and tactics involve a multi-channel approach to growth.

Just as a  swim trains together and competes individually in competition, our new sales teams must also train together before competing in the field.  Building the following resources together is great way to train together:

  • Deal stage specific materials.
  • The sales process per customer base.
  • Documents for sharing.
  • Email templates
  • Automated sequencing cycles and materials

Marketing has the daunting task of generating "buzz" and activity for the sales team to follow-up on.  Developing an Inbound Strategy to drive website traffic, lead nurturing and lead conversion is there primary focus.  The marketing team works hand in hand with sales to develop relevant materials for the right message at the right time in the right place.

Customer Service then has the role to make sure that each customer that comes through the door is heard, delighted and turns into a referral source and repeat customer.

The Operations team also has a strong role in growth in terms of sourcing, building and delivering on the promised product or service. 

Sustainable growth involves the entire organization with a cultural focus on attracting, retaining and delighting (Hubspot Flywheel) prospects and customers.

Start building your structure, process, tech and automation to thrive and build sustainable growth today.

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