Human Driven and Data Intelligent

Human Driven and Data Intelligent

There is much talk in today’s business environment related to culture, employee engagement, retention, servant leadership, transparency etc.. We also see articles and conversations centered on being a data driven organization. There is a common perception that an organization must be one or the other. If we focus on the humanity of our business are we losing sight of results? If we focus on the metrics/data are we losing sight of how we achieve our goals? 

The Case for Humanity Driven Business:

Consider the following quote from Dave Ulrich, in a recent Forbers article:

 “When a leader manages to hold on to his or her humanity and humility even when in the power seat, modeling the highest ideals we have for ourselves as human beings, others want to join that team. Humility is at the heart of a growth mindset that encourages and models learning instead of defensiveness in the face of setbacks, paving the way for creativity and resilience.” Dave Ulrich, Forbes article, The Why of Work: Purpose And Meaning Really Do Matter, 9/11/2018.

The Case for Metric & Data Intelligence:

Clearly, we need to measure our performance and that of our teams. Measuring metrics are critical to business success. Without consistently viewing multiple data points our teams will float aimlessly without direction or input to hold course or change. 

Data intelligence can be defined as the analysis of various forms of data such that companies can expand their services, investments, review operations, sales or workforce to make decisions for the future. 

Blend of Humanity Driven Business & Data Intelligence:

So where does the blend occur? It occurs through working with your teams and leaders to build a mutually collaborative environment. In other words, reaching goals together because you believe in each other and the common direction measured by agreed upon data & metrics. 

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