What Makes Your Sales Process Shine?

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Developing sales processes is not a one size fits all endeavor. From the simple sales process that involves a phone call to appointment to a complex sales process that requires multi-touch points, automation and months or years of engagement, here are a few tips to assess your sales processes.

Social Engagement. When you reach out to prospects on social media, what type of response are you getting? Use Social Media to learn what your targets are responding to and build these steps into your sales process.

Brand Value. What value are you providing to your clients or what job would you be hired to complete for them. Determine the point in your sales process where communicating your value makes the most sense. Too early can be off-putting and too late can be, well..... too late.

Outbound vs. Inbound. Determine which methodology (maybe both) is most effective for your team and build the process.

Documentation: Building an effective sales process requires constant documentation and tweaking along the way. Sales process development is a lot like developing a new scientific process. 

The Transaction: All of the work building up to a transaction is important, but, sales require a transaction to be considered successful. Determine when to ask for the business in your sales process. Remember the too early or too late concept.

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