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What is HUMAN™ Sales Management? 

Effectively, HUMAN™ Sales Management is fundamental Sales Management with a few key modifications to accommodate for modern growth strategy and tactics. 

Modern Sales Management is a unique blend of data, metrics, process, structure, relationships, and human connection.  I often see organizations that focus heavily on the business science aspects of growth.  Conversely, I also see organizations that do a good job with the human aspects of growth.  A blend of both business science and human leadership rarely exists.

Ask yourself the following:

  1. How engaged is my team?
  2. Do they understand their goals and how to achieve them?
  3. How often do you strategize individually with your sales team members?

If you cannot answer these questions, then it is time to re-engage the team with HUMAN™ tactics. HUMAN™ requires a look a management tactics, as well as, leadership communication for the direction of the organization.

Effective Sales Management is only a piece of the puzzle in regards to successful modern growth leadership. However, in the small to the mid-sized organization the sales leader is often the holistic growth leader and Owner/Operator. Consider the following for effective HUMAN ™ Sales Management or follow this link to discuss Outsourced Chief Growth Officer responsibilities.

To achieve sustained results in our modern environment we need to be EXCEPTIONAL at both business science and human business elements.  Sales management now includes close collaboration with all departments.

Here are a few concepts from the HUMAN model.


  • 80/20 Account Management

  • Pipeline & Management

  • Growth Enablement:  Marketing, Sales, Operations, Customer Service


Inaccurate pipeline management is leaving production and operations in the dark for planning, inventory, and staffing needs. Harmony between sales and operations is a challenge.   Think Growth Operations not Sales & Operations.


  • Proactive Prospecting Engagement

  • Demographic & Generational Changes

  • Strategic Alignment


Re-tool your team for modern prospecting. What happens in the field tends to stay in the field. Understand buying preferences & time spent between appointment setting, account management, business development activities, and non-growth functions.


  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)

  • Growth Model

  • Growth Process

  • Growth Plan

  • TEAM Mission


Your metrics are not motivating or creating results. You have set metrics, pipeline requirements, revenue goals, gross margin goals, number of visits per day, number of appointments per week, but some of the team (or all) is not hitting the defined goals.


  • Articulating Expectations and Goals

  • Weekly Check-Ins

  • One-One Conversations with Frequency

  • TEAM Collaboration


The team works independently and does not communicate or readily share information. There is not a sense of unity towards a common goal.


  • Guidance and Training

  • Caring and Serving mindset

  • Recruiting Funnel

  • On-Boarding Process


The threat and cost of turnover is high. Consequently, leadership, management and team struggle to gain traction with internal, prospect/customer relationships and growth.

We are here to help.

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