Is Activity Enough?

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It is no secret that sales growth relies upon activity generation. Is generating activity enough? Generating activity is a very important piece of the puzzle but, to be truly effective in sales growth measuring the right activity is key. Here are 3 sales activities to measure sales effectiveness:

  1. Your Sales Process:
    With automation and a variety of tech tools at your disposal make sure that your sales process remains simple to understand and execute for employees and prospects. It is easy to get carried away with tech automation. You can measure where prospects are dropping out of the process and who is moving forward.
  2. Your Messaging:
    Does your messaging quickly relay what you do? Are you sending prospects and customers down the correct aisle? Messaging should always be re-evaluated and requires close collaboration between sales and marketing. You can measure your messaging by counting the number of people that are willing to talk with you because they understand your value.
  3. Trust:
    The best sales professionals build trust quickly. The more genuine you are the more likely you are to close quickly. You can measure trust by the number of new prospects added or current clients grown.

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