Is Your Growth Process Complete?

Is Your Growth Process Complete?

Many organizations focus very heavily on the portion of the sales process that begins with a first appointment scheduled and ends when a prospect either purchases, becomes inactive or self-selects out of the cycle.  This is a great start, but it is incomplete and only represents about 1/3rd of the effort required to attract, retain and delight prospects and customers.  Modern Sales Management requires a holistic approach.


This is foundational marketing.  The goal is to attract prospects with the right message at the right time in the right place.  This is not easy and requires a marketing process and pipeline.  Traditional, we view pipeline as a sales function.  Pipeline should also exist for marketing.  


Marketing and sales can no longer be siloed from each other.  In todays world they need work together to determine the best methods to approach to move prospects from the marketing process to the sales pipeline. Playbooks, pipeline automation and solid listening skills are required to move prospects through the process.


After marketing works there magic, sales depends the relationship and signs on the new customer it is time for customer service to provide exceptional support, knowledge and help.  Turning customers into referrals sources and repeat business takes diligence through marketing, sales and customer service.

Growth Process

A true growth process encompasses the complete Buyers Journey.  A sales process alone is insufficient to accelerate growth and delight customers.  Build your complete growth process.  

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