It is what is it. Or is it?

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How often have you used or heard the phrase, "It is what it is"? In the past, I have used the term in both business and personal settings. But I do not use the phrase anymore when it comes to situations that involve humans. Why? A friend and I were debating the term and he successfully convince me that for things like weather or traffic that are out of our control it makes sense, but when it comes to endeavors that involve humans accepting an "is what it is" mindset leaves little room for growth and combating complacency. Here are three ideas to help combat complacency within your marketing and sales functions.

  1. Clarity on goals drives activity: Make sure that each team member is clear on their goals and the daily activities that need to be executed in order to achieve their goals. Marketing and sales are tough, a lack of clarity can imply a lack of leadership and yield wavering results.
  2. Measure Effectiveness: Driving activity with clear goals is one thing. Measuring the effectiveness of the daily activity is another. Do not be afraid to change gears if something is not working and make sure that you have quantifiable evidence to determine if activities are effective.
  3. Coach: Positive coaching goes a long way towards building a winning culture. Lift your team members up and help them when they need more direction. Coaching is tough and requires daily persistence, but it can also be the most rewarding part of sales growth. 

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