Junior Golf & Business Growth

Junior Golf & Business Growth

With an 11 year old Son that is an avid golfer I spend much of my free time on the golf course or driving range coaching him to stay focused, positive and making sure that he enjoys the game.  Blake qualified for the IMG Junior World Championships, so this past week our family had the honor of traveling to San Diego for the tournament.  While watching these outstanding junior golfers from around the world play I was reminded of the similarities between excelling at golf and growing a business.  Which of the these traits do you see in your growth operation?

Passion - Every single golfer out there has an unbelievable passion for the game.  Without this passion they would  probably not have qualified for this level of  play.  What level of passion for your business exists within your growth team?

Constant Improvement - Golf (and sports in general) requires a constant desire for improvement.  As many of you are aware golf is a difficult game that requires hours of focused practice on all aspects of the game, driving, long irons, wedges and putting.  Each shot requires a different level of "feel" and focus.  Keeping the ball in the fairway and hitting greens in regulation sounds easy but, it takes hours of practice.  How committed is your team to working on all aspects of your growth operation?  Marketing, Sales, Sales Management, Customer Service, Enablement, Operations, Human Resources.  All of these disciplines require different skills and levels of understanding within the business.

Individuality - The tournament highlighted the uniqueness of kids from around the world.  If was a great celebration of our individuality, cultures and the bond through a common passion and competition.  Our organizations are no different.  We all have our uniqueness that should be celebrated and acknowledged as a value add to the business. Read: Stop the Drive for Excellence, Start the Drive for Individuality.

Mutual Respect - This is one of the things that I love about golf, particularly at the junior level.  Each player showed a common respect for each other.  It did not matter where that player was from and there was no hesitation to help each other when needed.  They helped to find balls, they read greens together, they talked as they walked from shot to shot, they shook hands.  Does your growth team show mutual respect to each other?

Fun in Competition - While all of the players were trying there best to either place high or beat a personal best THEY HAD FUN!  Of course, there were moments of frustration or disappointment, but they were enjoying the atmosphere and each other.  How much fun  does your team have while embarking on the daily grind of growth?

Grit - This was a tough 3 day tournament (18 holes/day) in the desert.  No caddies, no help just playing golf in the heat without help.  There was no complaining about the hills, the walk, the heat or anything else.  The kids simply played golf and worked to get better each day.  They grinded it out.  What is the "grit factor"  on your growth team?

I hope that you enjoyed these thoughts on Junior Golf and Business Growth.  If you would to discuss any of these topics, lets talk.  513-509-0044 or tim@rohlinggrowth.com

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