Understand The Time Required To Expand Your Sales Pipeline

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One of the most frequent challenges that I see in organizations related to sales growth is underestimating the amount of time required to develop a pipeline robust enough to hit your stated sales goals. This is one reason that I talk about shifting mindsets to proactive vs. reactive sales approaches. Positive pipeline development requires steady and persistent effort. You cannot and should not stop prospecting! Here are 5 tips to help you to stay focused on the pipeline expansion.

1. Process Clarity. Develop a process that clearly identifies who, how, and when they will hunt. Also, outline what success for each day & week looks like.

2. Revised Messaging. Develop messaging that will resonate with your intended audience. It may be different from what you are using today, be open to new suggestions and message testing.

3. Continuity & Commitment. Commit to, not stopping and continuously developing the process. Developing an effective sales process will likely require many trials.

4. Sales Cycle. Determine your sales cycle, or how long it takes from the first appointment to revenue generation.

5. First Appointments. Determine how many qualified first appointments you will need to meet your goals based on a historical closing rate.

Do you or your sales teams have trouble consistently filing pipelines? 

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