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Here we are already rounding out the third quarter and preparing for the fourth quarter, which means that we are setting our sights on 2022.   As we plan ahead Rohling Growth Advisors is always looking for more effective ways to effectively market, generate leads, manage sales, provide visionary growth leadership and create a high level of customer service for your prospects and customers.  Building proactive growth processes to future-proof your organization is more important than ever.

Here are a few tips to consider  for lead generation and pipeline development now for a great start to 2022:

1.  Content

Work with marketing to develop content per personas and vertical that resonates with the viewer.  In order to effectively develop content, you may need to hold strategy sessions with current clients and prospects to gain insights into their needs.

2.  Data Management & Contact List Creation

Now more than ever you need to effectively manage your contacts within CRM.  Decide which information is relevant and needed for sale prospecting and which is needed for marketing efforts.  Collaborate between marketing and sales to see who touches the data and when.

3.  Follow-Up

Good old-fashioned follow-up can be a differentiator.  Yes, social media, email, SMS etc. have a strong position in our increasingly digital world but, do not forget about the phone call follow-up.  Sometimes the best tech that we have was developed in 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell.  Combine modern tactics with the old school phone.

4.  Automation

Nothing can be more powerful for a sales and marketing team than relieving them from repetitive tasks with automation.  Using automation allows your sales team to focus on new targets and the marketing team to spend time on newer more impactful content.

5.  Ask

Do not forget to ask for an appointment.  An enormous amount of time, effort and, money are spent getting to the point of interest, coach your team to ask the question.  What dates & times work best for you to meet?

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