Model Your Sales Pipelines Future-State

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Typically organizations work towards building sales pipelines without consideration for what an ideal pipeline would look like for the business and for each salesperson or team individually. What would happen if you were to build an alternate pipeline that modeled and reflected what an "ideal pipeline" would look like? Here are a few factors to consider when building a visual of your ideal future-state pipeline.

  • Know your Revenue to Time Ratio, Rt=[(Rf – Rc)/(t)], tm,Rohling Sales Growth Advisors
  • Include a marketing pipeline.
  • Quantify your annual and monthly sales goals.
  • Determine your "average" selling price(s).
  • Back your average selling price into a number of qualified & firm new appointments needed.
  • Factor in "low-hanging" growth opportunities from current or past clients.

Developing and communicating your ideal sales pipeline factors and visualizing them could be a missing element of success for your sale growth. Our on-demand webinar series provides a more in-depth discussion of this topic.

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Learn more about this and other sales growth topics through our webinar series. The webinar series is a weekly on-demand webinar that highlights various trends and insights for sale growth. Each episode is 5-15 minutes long so that you can watch, think, learn and get back to your business.

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