Modern Marketing vs. Sales

Modern Marketing vs. Sales

There is an epic battle raging in the world of growth management.  Do I double down on my sales team and their efforts or is it best to spend limited resources on a more robust marketing effort?  Yes and Yes

  • Build a measurable referral program to engage clients and the sales team.
  • Drive appointments for the sales team. Prospecting is alive, it just looks much different than it did 5 years ago. Prospecting is also more robust than ever.  Modern marketing plays a much larger role in prospecting than in the past.
  • Do not distinguish between Marketing and Sales, they are now one unit.  Yes, they require different skills and tactics but, more than ever they share a united goal and must work in tandem.

You might be asking yourself, I have limited resources to spend on marketing and sales efforts how can I build both efforts and keep my operating budget in line.  Consider the following steps and call Rohling Growth Advisors with questions.

1.  Assess the daily actions of the team.

2.  Automate routine functions. Ask me how.

3.  Train the sales team on modern prospecting strategy and tactics.

4.  Weekly Sales and Marketing team huddles.

5.  Provide clarity, goals, and expectations.

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