Modern Sales Management in 250 Words

Rohling Growth Advisors Modern Sales Management

Sales Management in today's world is a complicated topic.  Consider these phases.

HUMANTM Sales Management:  

Embrace business science which includes KPI’s, metrics, and tangible results in general, but do not manage numbers at the expense of your team.  Leading with the heart, empathy, and compassion will help to drive the numbers forward.  The art of Sales Management is balancing quantitative results with genuinely caring leadership.

Hiring Process:  

Make sure that you have a defined hiring process in place.  One of the most important aspects of team leadership is finding team members that support your mission and goals.

Goals & Expectations:

Have them and make sure that the team is clear and buys into them.

Compensation & Recognition:  

Compensation is important to everyone but, make sure you understand the additional motivating factors for each of your team members.  

Look in the Mirror:  

Sales Management is hard and requires you to look in the mirror often.  If your team is not performing ask what you could do differently.  If the team is performing well ask why and you can acknowledge them.  If an individual is struggling ask what else you can do to support them. The list of questions to ask yourself is endless.

Lead Generation:  

One of the hardest things to do in growth is to develop a robust pipeline and first meetings.  It is now more important to collaborate with the marketing team on messaging, content, and automating process workflow to create value for prospects and customers. Develop proactive processes.

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