What Happens If You Stop Proactively Promoting & Selling?

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One recurring theme that I hear in the marketplace today is "we have more work than people to complete the work, we don't need to market or sell more effectively right now". Clearly having an abundance of work is a good thing, but only if you have the people power to complete the work. The fear of not being able to fulfill work or orders is real, but what happens if you stop proactively promoting and selling?

In short, it can get ugly fast.  Effectively, both your marketing and sales pipelines start to drop off immediately. The danger in this is that it takes at least six months to one year to start building a productive pipeline system. When I say pipeline system I am referring to both marketing and sales pipelines. How many of you have a marketing pipeline in addition to your sales process pipeline? Also, continuing to market and sells provides you with an opportunity to triage clients and select opportunities that best fit your values. Here are a few tips to help you continue marketing and selling even if you are flush with work:

1. Outsource: If you do not have the internal bandwidth to continue marketing and selling look to outside sources to help you. Consider Rohling Growth Advisors.

2. Social Media: Social Media can be the low-hanging fruit in terms of continuing brand awareness and building new relationships. 

2. Automated Workflows: Build systems and processes that promote a great customer experience and also do the repetitive & mundane aspects of the job for you. The caution here: Automation is only effective if it is managed by humans. Remember, we are trying to build trust.

3. Sales Knowledgebase Development: Build out a knowledgebase for your clients and prospects that can help them through some of the most frequently asked questions.    
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