Pre-Call Questions For Your Next Sales Call

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Knowing when to call a prospect can be a tricky task. Calling too early can turn the prospect off, and calling too late may be...well too late. Results exist somewhere in the middle and involve more than picking up the phone. Before calling at any stage of your sales process ask yourself these five questions:

1. What content has the prospect engaged with? Modern sales is very much a multidisciplined activity. Blend marketing content, research, and data with your sales activities for the best results.

2. What is the intended outcome of the call for both parties? Before you pick up the phone make sure that you have an intended outcome in mind for you and your prospect.

3. What are the next steps after the call? It is also important to know how you will continue to follow up with your prospect. Ask them how they prefer to be followed up with and when.

4. If you leave a voicemail, what is your next touch point? Voicemail is often considered the Abyss in sales outreach, but, it does not have to be. Define the next steps after you leave a voicemail.

5. How will I say "Thank You" in a sincere way? Saying thank you can go a long way to building a new relationship. Thank them for the connection or for reviewing the material that prompted you to call them in the first place.

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