Prospecting. 5 Tips for the Modern Growth Professional

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Prospecting is very much alive in 2022, it just looks a lot different than it did as recent as 2 years ago. It is no secret that the digital transformation has been coming and we all know that COVID has accelerated this change. 

Here are 5 tips for prospecting in today's world:

  1. Be consistent and persistent: Modern prospecting is a game that does not stop. Developing content that engages the right person, in the right place and, at the right time. This requires a new level of persistence.
  2. Combine Marketing and Sales minds: These two disciplines are now on the same team. They always were but, leadership needs to make sure that they are sharing insights and communicating effectively both internally and externally.
  3. Select your Tech Stack: Design which software, database and, integration are the best to help support your team's efforts. Schedule time to discuss.
  4. Create Clear Goals and Expectations: This concept never changes. Does your team know what they are driving towards and are they really "bought" into the concept? Nothing helps to sell more than genuine enthusiasm for the direction of the organization and the product or service in question.
  5. Adopt HUMAN Sales Management.

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