Do you have a process for prospecting?

Prospecting Process

Prospecting, the forgotten art, or is it?  While the days of driving door to door collecting business cards, attending networking in person to hand out business cards is limited, prospecting is very much alive.  It just looks and acts different than it used to.

In 2005 and prior, driving around to see customers and prospect in a specified geographic area was the norm.  This effort combined with networking and referrals was the primary mode to grow your business.  Yes, networking and referrals are still a vital part of the growth cycle but, how you develop new relationships has changed.  

Not only is prospecting very much alive, it is more robust than ever.  To take advantage of current prospecting activity consider the following:

1.  Develop and execute on a digital prospecting outreach.  They key, keep it simple.  Not many new prospects will read paragraphs of information about your offering.

2.  Build in Warmth.  While we have many technology tools to help our efforts it is increasingly important to be human.  Build warmth through a genuine tone.

3.  Process.  Build structure process and consistency into your day.  Physically block the time out on your calendar.

4. Grind.   The goal is the same as it was 20 years ago.  Develop new relationships.  While the tactics have changed, a fundamental "grind" mentality is often the missing ingredient.

5.  Keep the entire Buyers Journey in mind.

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