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What if we changed the conversation in sales leadership & management to consider the dynamic nature of sales? A better term might be "Sales Ecosystem". 

In general, there are many conversations in business centered on developing sales processes. The challenge here is that the word "process" often implies a static effort that does not move or change over time.

When you Google ecosystem the following definition comes up: "A biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment or (in general use) a complex network or interconnected system."

Modern sales growth requires a variety of people, processes, and systems to excel. Yes, we need static processes, but they can only exist within a larger sales ecosystem. Building a sales ecosystem creates a holistic cultural view of sales growth that is more likely to succeed. Here are a few tips to build a sales ecosystem in your business regardless of the size:

  1. Clarity on Goals: Make sure that your teams know what they driving towards, what they are expected to do, and how you will support them.
  2. Individual & Team Buy-In on Strategic Direction: Does your team understand and support the overall strategic direction of the business? 
  3. Database Accuracy: This may seem like a small thing, but an accurate database for sales is incredibly important. It can help you to determine where you need to market to whom and how.
  4. Messaging & Content: Your content should convey what you do, your brand should help them to decide if you are the right fit. 
  5. Outbound & Inbound Efforts: Messaging and content are critical components of a solid inbound strategy, but, do not forget to build a proactive outbound process. 
  6. Cross-Functional Growth Meetings: How effective are your sales meetings? Consider leading cross-function business growth meetings that consider challenges and opportunities from sales, marketing, customer service, and operations.

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