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Sales are tough. I call it the "sport of business" because it is one of few business disciplines that is solely based on quantifiable & measurable goals. Because of this, sales representatives, managers, and leaders tend to hyper-focus on the financial and scientific measurement of key performance indicators. I get it, you have to measure and monitor success and failure based on quantifiable goals. 

What if sales leaders and managers had a holistic view of sales success? A view that stays steadfast to the business science and measurement of key performance measurements while also promoting a form of leadership that puts team members first. I call this "human leadership", which is different than the traditional mindset of "leadership". Human leadership says, that while working towards our measurable KPIs, I am here to genuinely help you through listening, caring, and acting. Sometimes we throw around the buzzwords of empathy and compassion. Not all leaders are capable of "human leadership" and blending it with quantifiable measurement. A thorough vetting process is needed to identify these individuals.

H.U.M.A.N.™ Sales Management is the process of coaching and helping your sales team and leaders to achieve success by aligning business science with human leadership.

When might you need to implement H.U.M.A.N.™ Sales Management? Here are the process steps with a few related common problems.

ROH_H Health Review. Inaccurate pipeline management is leaving production and operations in the dark regarding planning, inventory, and staffing needs. Harmony between sales and operations is a challenge.   

ROH_UUncover Insights. Re-tool your team for modern prospecting. What happens in the field tends to stay in the field. Understand buying preferences & time spent between appointment setting, account management, business development activities, and non-growth functions.

ROH_MMaximize Opportunities. Your metrics are not motivating or creating results. You have set metrics, pipeline requirements, revenue goals, gross margin goals, number of visits per day, and number of appointments per week, but some of the team (or all) is not hitting the defined goals.

ROH_AAchieve Clarity. The team works independently and does not communicate or readily share information. There is not a sense of unity towards a common goal.

ROH_NNurture Growth. The threat and cost of turnover are high. Consequently, leadership, management, and the team struggle to gain traction with internal relationships, as well as, prospect/customer growth.

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