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It is time to reframe the sales profession. For a long-time, the word sales has been associated with a transactional mindset. Make X number of calls, X number of emails, X number of social media messages and you can start to build relationships and sales. Prospecting is still a numbers game, however, there is an ongoing paradigm shift in how you attract customers, and the tactics for success have changed. The main question to ask yourself is how can I best serve my clients and prospects? Not what can I sell them today? 

This change in mindset needs to be reinforced by developing new processes and procedures that help you to serve customers and fulfill your brand's promise.

It does not matter if you are selling a product or service, ask yourself what job needs to be done for the market(s) that you serve and align internally and externally to fulfill this mission. When you begin to engage this concept it is likely that your messaging both internally and externally will follow. 

In addition, you need both Inbound and Outbound tactics to drive customer acquisition, but the less forceful approach to the effective inbound strategy may require a paradigm shift in your organization from what can we sell today to how can we better serve tomorrow. Instead of continually selling, consider showing your market(s) how you can serve them. In the long-term, you will build more trust and consequently more sales.

This fundamental change requires organizations to revise and revamp internal processes to make the buyer's experience something that would drive repeat buying, referral business, and a positive brand image for new customer acquisition. 

The persistence required for sales success still apply however we need to redirect the energy to show clients and prospects how we are aligned to best serve their need. Marketing combined with sales efforts is increasingly important. 

Today's business growth environment requires a holistic organizational look at growth. Consider the following disciplines that are required for success in modern business growth: Sales Coaching, Information Technology, Accounting, Human Resources, Customer Service, Tactical Marketing, Brand Innovation, Content Development, Social Media Management, Referral Programs, Customer Retention Initiatives, Tech Stack Management, Operations Collaboration.

Ask yourself this rhetorical question: How often do you routinely focus on all of these initiatives for your small to mid-sized business? No one can hear your answer, but, everyone is watching.

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