The Account Management Dilemma.  Or is it a Dilemma?

Rohling Growth Advisors | The Account Management Dilemma

Field sales is in a state of constant flux.  The rate of change in the growth industry is accelerating.  Prospecting is an increasingly digital exercise.  With that said networking and referrals continue to be the best sources of revenue.  But getting to that point requires a holistic look at the growth operation for your company.

I consistently hear complaints from Senior Management and Leadership that the field sales team is focused to much on Account Management and does not "hunt" enough. Let's explore why this is happening.

The Stop-In:  When was the last time that you went door to door asking to meet with a decision maker?  This can be effective in small doses but, most to all lead generation is happening on-line.  Buyers research, compare and make decisions here.  The field can provide in-person expertise and relationship development.

Time Management:  Coach the Field rep on time management.  Too often I see Field Reps that are asked to do too much.  Delivery, Customer Service, Account Management, Lead Generation, Lead Nurturing.  The good news is that the technology now exists for the small organization that requires people to wear multiple hats to automate many marketing & lead nurturing functions.

Expectations & Alignment:  So much of this comes down to defining clear job descriptions, expectations and leading indicator KPI's.

The Buyers Journey:  Attract, Engage & Delight.  This involves a multi-channel approach to lead generation, nurturing and conversion, Sales Operations and Customer Service.

So if your field sales team has evolved into Account Managers ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is this OK for long-term sustainable growth?
  • If the team is not hunting, what process is in place for lead generation & nurturing?
  • How are we supporting the lead generation effort as an organization?
  • Do we leverage technology?  Ask me how.
  • Do we have clear expectations?
  • Do we measure the expectations?
  • Do we lead with positivity?
  • Do we Coach, Coach, then Coach some more?

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