Winning The Battle With Complacency.

The Battle Against Complacency

Many organizations have become successful over time due to great planning, hard work, tough decisions, and grinding it out.  The true definition of the entrepreneurial spirit.   Yet, complacency has a way of creeping into many organizations.  "We are not complacent", I hear this statement over and over again.  There is a common misconception that the word complacent means lazy.  It does not.

Complacency often disguises itself as a false sense of security and/or an overstated feeling of satisfaction with an outcome.  Don't get me wrong, celebrate your successes, enjoy every ounce of joy that comes with accomplishment, lift your teams up they deserve it.   Wait for it..........BUT, make sure that you have processes and structures built, vetted, and built again (and implemented with HUMAN leadership) to make sure that you can continue to sustain results and celebrate success in the future.  

I am often asked what I see as the most consistent threat to organizational growth.  My answer, the organization's own inability to see complacency that has crept into the growth operation.  I see this with sales teams, marketing teams, senior managers, and owners.  Complacency can also be the seedling of a toxic non-performing culture. 

Develop a model that facilitates structure and process around marketing, sales, and customer service while being inclusive of operations will allow the entrepreneurial spirit to thrive.  Just as operations teams thrive on processes, the successful growth team is also following a process.

Hunting is very much alive, it just looks a lot different than it did as recently as a year ago.  Ask me why.

Future-Proof by building structure and process into the marketing & sales organization. 

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