The Growth Process, Episode 2:  HUMAN Sales Management

The Growth Process - Episode 2 - HUMAN Sales Management

Modern Sales Management is a complex endeavor. Leaders have to align Marketing, Sales and Operations to common goals and practices to drive positive and sustainable growth. 

Being a modern sales leader means that you have to be knowledgeable and unite many disciplines. A modern sales manager has to be a team builder and obtain knowledge in HR, Accounting, IT, Sales, Product Knowledge and Management, Data Management, Customer Relations, Time Management, Automation Software, Prospecting, CRM, Reports, Marketing, Customer Service, process development, recruiting and hiring, coaching skills. While they do not have to be experts in all of these disciplines they certainly need to understand how each can impact their team's performance.  Most sales managers fail because they are simply not prepared for the job.   They are not taught how to be successful in the role.

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