The Growth Process, Podcast Episode 1:  Winning the Battles Against Complacency

The Growth Process

I chose this topic as a starting point for this podcast because it is a topic that is at the heart of the growth challenge and represents “the work to be done” and what we exist for at Rohling Growth Advisors.

We work to protect your business from the risks of reactive growth activity by building proactive processes to achieve a higher level of success.     Developing proactive processes and structures is the key to sustained results. That is anti-complacency.  Many growth topics can be tied back to the concept of complacency infiltration.

Let’s face it organizations have become successful over time due to great planning, hard work, tough decisions, and grinding it out (the grit factor).  The true definition of the entrepreneurial spirit.   Yet, complacency has a way of creeping into many of these organizations.   "We are not complacent", I hear this statement over and over again.  There is a common misconception that the word complacent means lazy.  It does not.  If you Google the definition of complacency this is what is says: “a feeling of smug or uncritical satisfaction with oneself or one's achievements”. Paraphrased, it is a false sense of overconfidence with an outcome.

We can all become complacent over time. The objective is to continually learn and challenge your current way of thinking. What works today may not work tomorrow.  Complacency often disguises itself as a sense of arrival or completion. Don't get me wrong, celebrate your successes, cherish every ounce of joy that comes with accomplishment, lift your teams up they deserve it.    BUT, make sure that you have processes and structures built, vetted, and re-built (and implemented with HUMAN leadership) to make sure that you can continue to sustain results and celebrate success in the future.  

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