Thoughts on Multi-Dimensional Prospecting

Rohling Growth Advisors, Multi-Dimensional Prospecting

The days of outside sales and marketing teams living in a silo are gone. Prospecting is very much alive and more multi-dimensional than ever, however, it looks significantly different than it did 5 years ago or even as recent as 2 years ago.

We now have a need for a robust Tech Stack, Inside Sales, Outside Sales, Sales Enablement, Marketing, Social Media Management and, Content Development.

In addition, the skills required to succeed in a sales leadership role are increasing. Sales leaders are now "organizational leaders" that can develop teams, develop & implement processes, build IT systems, coach, lead, manage, develop relationships with vendors, customers, prospects and, internal team members. Are you coaching your sales leaders accordingly? Explore HUMAN™ Sales Management Coaching.

Determine the daily activities that your team members work on and work with them to decide if this is where they should be spending their valuable time. Sales teams often spend significantly less time in front of customers and prospects than needed.  New call-to-action

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