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Rohling Growth Advisors Contact Management Tips

With all of the tech, tools and responsibilities that exist within modern growth leadership it is easy to forget about one of the most basic and important functions in growth management. Contact Management. With the business world accelerating towards digital prospecting, blogging, email marketing, and websites that promote a great user experience it is more important than ever to effectively manage your contacts.

Here are a few ideas for better contact management.


Build a contact management process that builds data for the benefit of Inside Sales, Enablement, Field Sales and prospect. Do not leave contact management in the hands of one person or team. It is too important and cross-functional teams should share the responsibility. Balance is necessary so that your field sales team is not burdened with too much data input but, also does not leave all of the input with Marketing and Inside Sales.


Establish a task follow-up for procedure for Inside Sales/Enablement to complete the required fields once the field team enters the basic information. For example, when field sales establishes a relationship they can enter the company, name, email, and phone number. This is enough for them to keep in touch but, marketing may need more information. The Inside/Enablement team can receive a notification of when a contact is entered and bridge the gap between marketing and sales by entering additional information such as title, web address, no. of employees, market segment, social sites, birth dates etc.


With the additional information provided by the sales team or the inside/enablement teams targeted lists can be created and engagement can continue with more personalized content and messaging.


It can be frustrating to have a database of 20,000 contacts and only be able to effectively communicate to 5,000 of them because of a lack of information. This is exactly what happens in many organizations when management and the team lose sight of the importance of routine data management. Again, develop a balance of responsibility for data entry between field sales, outside sales, and marketing.

Daily Habits

Build contact management and data collection into the daily habits of your growth team. Contact management should be a proactive part of your sales and marketing processes.

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