Tips to help engage the sales team this holiday season

Rohling Growth Advisors-Engage The Team This Holiday Season

The holidays can be a challenging time for many marketing and sales teams. Outreach to clients and prospects becomes more challenging the closer we get to Christmas and New Years'. Consider the following tips to keep your growth team engaged this holiday season.

  1. Build your team relationships
    The holidays are meant for goodwill and good cheer.  Take the time to get to know your teammates better without looking at KPIs. 
  2. Celebrate together
    I am not talking about the corporate holiday party. Team celebrations should be more individualized and facilitate communication with your marketing, sales and, service teams. 
  3. Coach on the process or develop one
    This is a great time to reinforce the current process, make adjustments or develop a growth process for the first time. Get 2022 started with a great process.
  4. Positive Coaching
    While vetted processes are great, the best process in the world will fail without positive coaching. Developing mutual and clear goals is a great place to start.
  5. Build messaging & pipeline for Q1 2022
    Customer and prospect outreach should not stop. Help the team to develop messaging and a solid front-loaded pipeline to begin the new year.New call-to-action
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