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Modern sales growth is more multi-disciplined than ever which can make it even more challenging to focus on sales growth daily. For the small to mid-sized business operator a lack of time and the resulting complacency towards daily sales growth are challenges. Here are a few tips to help you to focus on sales growth daily. 

SALES LEADERSHIP, Foster internal alignment and develop sales systems & processes. Focus on system development daily.

INTEGRATE MARKETING, Align your marketing & sales teams. Same goals and the same mission with a unified voice.

CUSTOMER SERVICE OPERATIONS, Develop a process to keep current customers engaged, heard and developed into advocates.

PIPELINE EXPANSION, Leverage tech and human skills to develop your leads into reliable prospects. Process + human kindness.

BRAND REALIZATION, What is your unique brand message? Why you? Define & develop relationships with the right people.

H.U.M.A.N. SALES MANAGEMENT, Blend business science & accountability with the human leadership skills of compassion & empathy.Rohling Growth Advisors, Sales Growth Model (3)

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