Transformation through the HUMAN Sales Management Methodology


Early in my career I was taught to manage my the numbers. With this tactic the results that were achieved were short lived blips on the map. What was missing? I had role alignment, definitive job descriptions, defined sales geographies, metrics and technology. What else could I possibly need to yield sustained results?

I had engaged the teams with pure metrics but, not their hearts. The work was all about numbers and had little depth or meaning and purpose for the team as one unit. There were team members motivated by the numbers but, most needed more. My new quest was to determine how to influence the whole team and influence unity towards a common goal. This realization influenced the team and yielded long term business results.

Where does the HUMAN Methodology for Sales Management come from?

It comes from the concept that Servant Leadership = Right Leadership.  If you are missing this mindset combined with business science, you cannot expect employees, customers and prospects to buy-in to what you are selling.

Without cross collaborative processes for operations, sales, accounting or any other business functions employees, customers and prospects are left wondering if they should engage or look elsewhere.

The deliverable, is a blend of business process with a positive, results focused team.

HUMAN  Sales Management

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