Trends in Modern Sales Growth

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The sales profession is changing at a very fast pace. Here are some of the key trends that we have observed through our work with clients as a Fractional Chief Growth Officer and Sales Growth Services.


The days of isolating field sales from the rest of the organization are gone. It is increasingly important to communicate across all disciplines of the organization. 

The Small but Mighty Can Win

If you run a small business, great news! There a many tools available that can help to position your organization for brand awareness and direct prospect communication. You can now look much bigger than you are.

Smart Databases

Take your pick. You can obtain prospect data such as emails, phone numbers, revenue and pretty much any details that you would like to have at your fingertips. The key is to use these databases in a manner that is informative and human.

Think Beyond CRM

CRM systems are great tools. But let's face it, most traditional sales teams roll their eyes when you launch a new system and tell them that they are required to use it for tracking purposes. Reframe your CRM as a tool to help them to succeed.  Also, take advantage of the many sales and marketing automation tools that exist to truly streamline their workflows and processes. This can be a huge advantage when set up correctly and properly taught.

Automation but, Not Too Much

Automation is a great tool to help streamline our sales growth workflows, provide efficiency, and make sure that we are reaching out to prospects and customers in a timely fashion. However, do not forget that people still buy from people that they like and building trust requires time and real human connection. Blend automation tools with warmth in messaging and your outreach processes.

Trends Analysis

Read and talk to others in your industry and keep a constant eye on technology that can help to position your organization for the future. Bring ideas back to the organization to vet and put into practice on limited trials so that you are continually in front of the market.

Social Selling

Where do people spend their time? Social Media. Build your brand presence with offers and knowledge to stay top of mind with your buyers. Keep in mind that connecting on social is only a start. The goal is to build a trusting relationship.

There are many more trends in modern sales growth. I hope that these help you to reflect on your current processes.

We get it, modern sales growth can be overwhelming. That is why we offer Fractional Chief Growth Officer & Sales Growth Services. Let us help you grow.

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