Turn Your Courage & Passion Into Sustained Sales Growth

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Regardless of your title, it takes a tremendous amount of passion and courage to drive sales activity and business growth in general. I see it all of the time, sales and marketing efforts can get put on the back burner and are left to boil over because there are many competing priorities that strive for our attention every day. This happens to the small business owner that is trying to survive by doing too many tasks out of necessity, the mid-sized business that is trying to develop repeatable structure and processes, as well as, the enterprise organization that is looking to expand into new markets or service offerings.

Focusing on sales growth consistently day in and day out is hard, even if you have the teams and support infrastructure developed.  Here are three ways to enhance your inherent courage and passion for sales growth daily:

1. Exercise - Taking care of yourself is the best way to find the courage and passion necessary to succeed in business growth.

2. Hear Cross-Functional Voices - Collaboration wins in modern sales growth. Learn to hear voices from other cross-functional disciplines and build their insights into the sales process.

3. Messaging - In the digital prospecting age, messaging is critical. Spend time with customers, prospects, and the internal team to better understand what new prospects are responding to.

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