What Does Business Growth Mean To You?

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Business Growth can mean many different things depending on what your training, education and daily role within the organization are. Through my work at Rohling Growth Advisors and hosting The Growth Process Podcast, I have the privilege to work with many diverse professionals. My favorite question to ask on The Growth Process Podcast is what does business growth mean to you? I have not heard the same response twice. Background, education and life experience also have a strong effect on these perspectives. Here are a few perspectives on what business growth means to certain disciplines within an organization.

  • The Human Resource professional will make the relevant case that you cannot grow your business without engaging policies, employee training & retention programs, a positive culture etc.
  • The Accounting professional will make the argument that solid cost accounting, budgeting and accurate financial statements will grow your business.
  • The Information Technology professional will say that you will not be able to grow unless you have a cyber security program and a solid tech stack.
  • Marketing and sales will say that they are the tip of the spear and a business cannot find new clients without their efforts.

They are all correct. Business growth is a multi-disciplined event that demands that we respect and listen to the perspectives of everyone. This requires leadership that understands the holistic nature of business growth and works to unite the team towards common goals with mutual respect.

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